Thursday, November 23, 2006

Its a....


How did that happen? I specifically remember requesting a girl...Oh well. I have new pics of all the Ultrasounds uploaded...look close and you can see his "manhood".
We went to the Dr yesterday. He is 8 ounces, and the perfect size for his age. He has a very strong heartbeat, and thanks to the Starbucks Cafe Mocha that I had yesterday morning (YUM first coffee since AUGUST) that little boy was flipping and moving and waving and more than happy to show us his goodies.
We did make the first home video...I am working on moving that to the comp so I can post it here as well.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm Moody...

So its the holidays already...Can you believe it?
I can't believe that the yr is almost over, so many incredible things have happened.
Hmm...lets see.
January, turned the big 26 (not too impressed) I quit smoking...WOW
February, Wrecked my car...that was a first, hit from the rear at 60mph! Totaled my Stratus, but I am so thankful because Randy and I were well and whole after we got over that whole whiplash nightmare.
March, Went to TX all by myself! Got to see my friend Rose's newborn baby (Abigail Rose) who is of course precious and beautiful. Got to visit my great Aunt & Great Grandmother while I was there. & Bought a new car when I got home since the other was totaled.
April, hmm, went to Destin with the boys, that was fun.
May, I think I just worked, ate & slept in May.
June, The boys & I went to Orlando for a week. We had the best time! It was my first trip to see the mouse!
July, Girls trip to the beach! I met some really great girls & worked on my freckles
August, I started the gym..lost a few lbs & inches....then found out that I was pregnant. How the heck did that happen?!?!
September, Planning for the NYC trip in earnest! The emails flew between me, Miranda, Ashley & Valerie. I was also working some heavy OT to cover all that play money.
October, Hmm...the whole month was anticlimactic..all I could think was I cant wait for NYC! We had the best time, you should see all the pics!(and you can if you go to Miranda's page LOL)
Now its November. I am 17 wks prenant, we find out the sex next week. Rose and Cory fly in from TX to visit his family & will make some time for us. I look forward to seeing their familiar faces! (And my sweet little chubby cheeked Abby)
December is on the way, with all the fun it will bring. The family, the food, the Christmas greetings & silly emails. Its hard to be sad when there is so much to be thankful for. So I will settle for Moody. I am told that we hormonal pregnant women can get away with it :)
Best wishes to you all, Talk to you soon !
Oh...I am doing Christmas cards after Thanksgiving, send me your address :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

8 Years!

OK, So 8 yrs ago tonight I graduated from High School.
5-15-98, I counted down the days from the first day of my Senior Year.
We had such an incredible year together, there were a few highlights:
*Taping Mary Ann to the Gym Floor
*Breakfast at Hardees or McDonalds every Friday morning instead of homeroom
*Prank War of the Sexes.....this was the icing, all the sneaking & spying & silly things, there were cars filled with crickets, styrafoam peanuts, spiderwebbed with Yarn, oreo cookies lined on all the windows of the car & the killer Vasoline on the wondshield....I think everyone's car got shoe polished at one time or another. We broke into houses ( with the parents permission, not the fellow students) we robbed the boys of their shoes & broke up the no girls allowed poker party.
There were 14 of us at the beginning of the yr & 12 at the end (2 got expelled for streaking thru the gym) I think that is why we were so close.
I had so many plans, and visions of what would happen after graduation, some of those things have come to pass, not all were what I expected.
Do we really know anything at 18? I know so much more than I thought I did. But the same things are still important in my life. Family, Friends, Priorities ( like work!) So I am the same person, Just older, wiser, less innocent, more sarcastic. I still think my Daddy is the most wonderful man in the world & I still call my Mom when I need help thinking something thru, she still gives great advice. I am closer to my sister than I was & I have more friends.
So All in All....It sucks that we have to age, but we dont have to grow up until we are ready....and I am not!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


So yesterday Randy andI were heading down Taylor Rd and he stopped at a thing we knew there was this horrible noise and we were being shoved across the road (sounded and felt like we were being dragged, but Randy still had his foot on the brakes).
Were hit from behind by a college student talking on the phone, not paying attention to the traffic around her, we were all wearing seat belts...thank God...because any one of us could have gone thru the windshield. Randy & I were doubly blessed because we were not caught by any cross traffic as we were propelled thru the 4 lane intersection.
Randy hurt his back, I hurt my neck. And the girl broke her ankle very badly.
Chk out the will see why I am so calm about all could have been much worse.