Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just out of the hospital...again

So have you missed me??
I have been in the hospital since Friday morning. Who knew that a wierd side effect of the hormonal changes of pregnancy could cause gall stones? I didnt. So those pains in the middle of the night that have been keeping me up and Randy has told me to go to the hospital for...those werent just stomach cramps, or gas pains..they were gall stones. And one of them escaped from my gall bladder and became lodged in my bile duct. So instead of one procedure to just remove the gall bladder, they had to put me to sleep twice. Once for an ERCP (basically they sent a camera and tweezers down my throat, through my stomach to my intestines to remove the pea sized impacted stone that was preventing fluides from gettin to my liver which in turn made me jaundiced (and yes I did turn yellow)). The second time they lazered my gall bladder and removed it from a whole they put in my belly button. There is a really fancy mane for it, but I am too tired to go find it.

So I have not been ignoring you...I have been in a hospital bed on an IV and an all liquid diet being poked and prodded by all kinds of medical staff.
Poor Randy...he had the task of being full time daddy just dropped on him. He just didnt know all the crazy places that I put the stuff for Bailey, and instead of calling to wake me up and ask, he just forged on ahead like a trooper! I think he has met his dirty diaper quota for the month by now. (Especially since we had to take Bailey off breastmilk while I was medicated and the formula poops are HORRIBLE) I go back to nursing tomorrow, I really missed that bonding time with my chunky little man.
We sent poor Jared to visit his grandparents.....I think he might have rather stayed in the hospital with his dad and me :)
I think that is it. Hope everyone else had a more pleasent week. I am back to normal...just a little sore.