Monday, May 15, 2006

8 Years!

OK, So 8 yrs ago tonight I graduated from High School.
5-15-98, I counted down the days from the first day of my Senior Year.
We had such an incredible year together, there were a few highlights:
*Taping Mary Ann to the Gym Floor
*Breakfast at Hardees or McDonalds every Friday morning instead of homeroom
*Prank War of the Sexes.....this was the icing, all the sneaking & spying & silly things, there were cars filled with crickets, styrafoam peanuts, spiderwebbed with Yarn, oreo cookies lined on all the windows of the car & the killer Vasoline on the wondshield....I think everyone's car got shoe polished at one time or another. We broke into houses ( with the parents permission, not the fellow students) we robbed the boys of their shoes & broke up the no girls allowed poker party.
There were 14 of us at the beginning of the yr & 12 at the end (2 got expelled for streaking thru the gym) I think that is why we were so close.
I had so many plans, and visions of what would happen after graduation, some of those things have come to pass, not all were what I expected.
Do we really know anything at 18? I know so much more than I thought I did. But the same things are still important in my life. Family, Friends, Priorities ( like work!) So I am the same person, Just older, wiser, less innocent, more sarcastic. I still think my Daddy is the most wonderful man in the world & I still call my Mom when I need help thinking something thru, she still gives great advice. I am closer to my sister than I was & I have more friends.
So All in All....It sucks that we have to age, but we dont have to grow up until we are ready....and I am not!