Thursday, August 26, 2010

Take me out to the Ballgame~

So while my step son, Jared was down for a quick visit, we all went to the ballpark to see the Montgomery Biscuits play a game. As a Christmas present for my super hard to buy for hubby, I was inspired to get him season tickets to the Biscuits. Its not that he is a Biscuits fan, but he is a HUGE baseball fan. Bailey and William better hurry up and grow so he can enroll them in Little League (pray that they like the sport :)

Another cool thing about the night we planned to was Country night (08/06), and they had pony rides for the little ones. Bailey LOVED this little feature!

I am too crazy about my sweet Bailey to let him ride the pony solo just yet, so I walked around and around and around with him....for two turns!
Randy's parents came to town to see the boys and joined us for the game.
And of course we have to show you how little William enjoyed the game...

Its always a risk taking Bailey and William to something like this, you never know how they will behave, or how the weather is going to hold up. Bailey was GREAT, Will slept and nursed for most of the game, and the weather cooperated until the 7th inning. Once the rain came...and it was really a downpour, we packed it in and headed home, it was after 9pm and Bailey was tired (OK...I was tired too!) But see the slump :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond! A Costume Review

I was contacted by Costume Super Center and asked if I would like the opportunity to review one of their costumes. Being the mom of a toddler who LOVES pretend play, I jumped at the chance! I am not being compensated for this review, the only catch was that I write an honest review of a complimentary here goes!

I started searching in kids Halloween costumes...there was so much to choose from! They have Dr Suess, Disney, and even Pixar characters. I loved that the site is super easy to browse and the search function pulls up great options. I made my way to toddler costumes where I hit the jackpot! Bailey is all about Buzz Lightyear and anything having to do with rockets and space. So when I found the Buzz Lightyear Toddler Costume I called my husband and told him all about this opportunity.

You know how sometimes, you order something, and the quality is not what it should be, or it looks completely different from the picture on the package. I am happy to say that this was not the case with the costume. It looks just like the packaging and the picture on the website.
We received the shipment of the costume pretty fast, I was thrilled that the entire ordering/shipping of the costume was so easy and timely. According to the website if you order by 3pm EST (M-F) it ships out that same day. 

When we arrived home from daycare, I asked Bailey if he wanted to try on a fun dress up costume. I showed him that it was Buzz Lightyear, and he got so excited! It was a 3T/4T size, which is perfect because he is right in between those sizes. As you can see its a little snug, but he is tall and the length is perfect. The leg covers will also cover his  shoes, so if another child was taller than he is, they would still be pergectly covered up.

The costume is handwashable...which is good because I couldn't get it off of him until bath time. Thats right folks...he ate dinner as Buzz. Got pink yogurt all over the sleeves and top. I just soaked it and soaped it and it all came right out.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to test out this great costume! You will hear from me soon...because we will need to order the infant alien costume for the we can trick or treat together. I can't wait!

The only negative thing I can say is that its hard to remove from the child who has fallen in love with it!