Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on things in my world

Hello world.
I just wanted to update on things in my world. After today it will be awhile before I have a chance to get back on here.
Trip...Our resortFriday we will head to Atlanta and catch a Braves game, spend the night there, and leave for Belize at 7am EST. We return Saturday 5-23.Ok, So Randy and I decided to make sure that we were getting the most bang for our buck and we decided on this amazing resort, the Xaman Ek. They are running a great special (buy 5 nights, get 2 free) so that is saving some cash & the wedding planner/justice of the peace was also running a special ($300 discount) which basically covers the complete cost of the photographer. Our PhotographerPlus of course the amazing deal we got on the plane tickets....
I am so excited to go! I know we will have an amazing time, and see some amazing sights. I am so sad that we are going to leave Bailey for a whole week. He will be with my parents, he will be well loved, and he just loves them, so I am not "worried" But I have never been away from him this long and I am going to miss him so much. That is the only cloud on my horizon.
Wedding...Friday, May 22nd Randy And I will FINALLY get married. :)
I went shopping again for my wedding dress. I really loved the floral one, but I just had my heart set on a white/ivory dress. So my friend Mary Ann played hookey from school (she is a kindergarten teacher) and a few weeks ago we went to Birmingham where there was a much bigger selection. We found my dress....for $15! Not kidding. It actually was at Belks, its strapless, white, and made of matte jersey, so no worries of wrinkling during travel! It was on sale, then I had a gift certificate, so my actual out of pocket was only $15. Too cool! Found some pretty silver flip flops, and now I just need a necklace to pull it all together. Randy suggested that we get something at the market in Belize so it will be more meaningful and memorable. So that is the plan, and I will bring my pearls just in case I dont find anything that I like. Job...I had a few interviews last week, so we will pray that God's will be done in the job situation. I miss working, but I would be OK staying home at this point. I just miss all the people. I have another interview today, its actually the second one at this office, but I think this is for a different position. They called me in, so that has to be positive.
Bailey...Wow, I have a 2 year old. How is that possible? Didnt I just have him yesterday. This amazing little creature that lives with me is 36" tall and weighs in at a hefty 33 pounds. He is perfectly healthy and doing well in all areas of development. We are semi potty training, right now he thinks its a big game, its so funny. His favorite things are all things that GO. Think Construction (digger, bulldozer), Trains, Trucks. He loves books, and we read ALOT! At the moment his favorite phrase is "Oh No!" and it just cracks me up. He will repeat it over and over. His other favorite word is elephant, (well e TANT) and he even does an elephant walk..again, he cracks me up.
Randy...YAY he finished this semester and passed all his classes YAY YAY YAY. I am so glad that semester is over with! Things are good at work, and he has decided that he needs a new truck. So he is truck/suv shopping. Whatever makes him happy. He did great for Mothers day. Got me a card that made me cry, a gift certificate to a local spa for hair, nails, and massage, and a slice of cookie cake ( I LOVE that stuff!)
He did remember that I need a wedding ring, and picked that up yesterday. I go today to have it sized so it will be ready for the trip.
I think I have covered all the bases. Now I have to go make the lawnmower work so I can cut grass before I get all cleaned up for my interview.
Love Kristen