Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas 2008 aka The Trip on the Train of TERROR we all know and love the movie A Christmas Story. Well we had our own little " Ralphie" moment this weekend at the Mall.
Last year when we took Bailey to see Santa, he was not impressed, but not worried either. This year he was great in the line (not that long, we got there Friday night, right as he was getting started). Pointing to all the trees, saying "tree" and "light" and "hot" (because yes, lights are hot :)
We get to Santa and he just stares at him. We put him in Santa's lap and he freezes up and looks at Santa and gets this terrified look on his face. That was the best pic they got before he started squirming and trying to get down.
So we didnt get the pic, it just wasnt that good, and as we were leaving, he saw the little train that they have set up. Oh he loved that! He watched it go and pointed and was just real impressed. So we went and got in line for that, again, no line since it was early. When the train stopped and everyone unloaded, he walked right up to and into the first little compartment. He was just jabbering away, looking all over, having a great time. I climbed into the tiny space with him and then the "Conductor" shut the door. Oh No. He stomped his little feet and tried to open the door. Well it locks from the outside for safety, so we were trapped! The train started out, and he whined for a moment, then we had fill out screams and crying, and tantrum. This was just no fun and he was not enjoying himself AT ALL!
We came around the track and Randy misinterpreted my waves for them to stop as waves of "Hi" and we went around again. There was no calming him down, he was not a happy camper. I had him ring the bell, I pointed out trees, pointed out all the happy people walking by in the mall. Alas, it was to no avail.
When we neared the starting point, I think Randy realized that it was time for the ride to stop (THANK GOD!) he had the Conductor stop the train and we off-loaded in a hurry! He was fine after that. All was well. The rest of the weekend was great.
I think we will try again with a new santa this week, see if I can trick him into a smile :)
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update on the Mommy Thing

So, I am getting the hang of this Mommy thing. Its scary and exciting, and I find myself thinking about my mom alot. I wonder if this is something that she did or felt.
I am only slightly paraniod, I watch him sleep sometimes to make sure that his little chest rises and falls with each peaceful breath.
We have mastered bath time & he just loves it. He likes the shower too, although they should include on the instruction manual that babies are slippery when wet
I am amazed at how much laundry Bailey generates. I guess if he stopped peeing on himself during diaper changes that would be a few less outfilts a day. (I am still not great at that, the sprinkler effect will get you every time!)
We have also discovered that Bailey does not like direct for my little vampire baby we purchased some eyewear. He is so darn cute with these on!
I think he has hit another growth spurt, because he is eating like there is no tomorrow, I am not making this up, we are eating every 1-3 hours. Fun times! But he gets the greatest look on his face when he is full and about to go to sleep. Makes all the fussiness worth it.
We are sleeping pretty good at night, he is up at 11, 2, 5 & 7 to eat & change diapers. The good thing is that I can now sleep almost on demand, give me 3 minutes & I am out cold!
Thank you for all the Mother's day wishes. It was great. And thank you too for all the encouraging words, there are times when I REALLY need them