Friday, October 16, 2009 things happening at our house

So I started this blog to chronicle the life of my sweet Bailey...and I have been BAD BAD BAD at keeping up with it.

But I have reason to start anew...
My sweet Bailey is going to be a BIG brother this summer! June 2010

So here is a quick update...
How Far along: 5w 3d
Weight Gain/Loss: none
Stretch Marks...yep, but they are from the first go round
Sleep: Still uninterrupted
Best Moment this week: Sunday we told my family, such a great moment!
Movement: still too early
Food Cravings: none
Gender: still too soon
Labor Signs: Ha! #2 will be a planned c-sec thanks to Bailey's stubborn streak:)

We have an appt on tuesday 10/20 to see the Dr & get an us, so I will be updating with pictures.

So its too soon to start redecorating...Isn't it? I think I want to go ahead & move the crib into my room so Bailey can claim his space completely...we will see