Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am dressing the place up

I read most of my blogs in Google Reader. I love that I can organize them by my own little categories, for example: Crafty, Mommy Blogs, Funny. So when I want to see some humor...straight to the Funny folder to see my LOL Cats for some giggles.

So I usually do not see the hard work that people have done to dress up their space. (Sorry!) But when I do see something that I MUST comment upon, I go and I see lovely, colorful sites, and buttons.

Buttons! Everyone who is anyone in Bloggyland has a Button.
Well...I wanted a button. But where do they come from? Do I have to buy a button? I came across a tutorial  from Shannon that instructed you in the ways of  Making your own Button. So I tried it...So user friendly! And I made my very own button! And a box with the code in it! Too cool. So if you want your very own button, I suggest you head over to and follow her excellant directions!

Click here to try it!     Make your own Button

Now I am going to figure out a banner...and whatever fun stuff I can add without making the place look trashy. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You are invited to attend Diana: A Celebration Blogger Day

You are invited to attend Diana: A Celebration Blogger Day.
This exhibit, now open at the Atlanta Civic Center, chronicles the life of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana: A Celebration showcases the life and humanitarian work of Diana through nine galleries containing more than 150 artifacts-ranging from Diana’s royal wedding gown and 28 of her designer dresses to family heirlooms, personal mementoes, paintings, rare home movies and photos.

Diana: A Celebration Blogger Day will be held at the Atlanta Civic Center on Saturday, March 6, 2010. Come experience this touching exhibition first hand from 10:00am-7:00pm (last admission at 5:00pm). Bloggers will receive FREE admission for them and one guest.

Please RSVP to by Wednesday, March 3 and include your blog’s web address for verification. Tickets will be available for pick up at the Box Office, located in the lobby of the exhibition, the day of the event.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Meal Planning Monday Feb 22nd

Its that time of the week again...I have a list, and as long as its posted to the fridge, Randy will remember to take it out of the Freezer before he leaves for work.

There is alot of hamburger this week, because I bought the big package, and did not seperate it before sticking it in the freezer. So I cooled it all last night and its bagged and tagged in the fridge.

While I continually offer our meals to Bailey, he is at a picky stage, so quick fixes for him are grilled cheese, PB & J, hotdogs, fun nutritional things like that. Usually with a fruit and a yogurt. Any suggestions on making the picky child eat??  Help Help?!?! 

Sunday, Sloppy Joes, Oven Fries

Monday, Beef Turnovers, Mac & Chz

Tuesday, potato soup

Wednesday, Taco Salad

Thursday, BBQ Beef Mini Pizza

Friday, Beef & Broccoli, Rice

Saturday, DINNER OUT!

Sunday, Pot Roast

For more great menu ideas and tips, please visit Laura at!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Planet Shark Blogger Day at the Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium offered Bloggers two free passes to go see the new exhibit Planet Shark, and of course to view the aquarium. We LOVE the aquarium. Bailey has been several times, and we always enjoy ourselves. So we jumped at the opportunity (and the almost $70 in savings) and headed to Atlanta, GA for the weekend.

I feel like I should mention that thanks to this promotion...our tickets were at the Will Call window...where there was NO LINE. It was a busy, busy Saturday at the Aquarium, and I was dreading the line, but we were routed straight to the window, dropped my name and provided ID and we were DONE! Its the little things like that, that REALLY make my day.

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world’s largest with more than eight million gallons of water and the largest collection of aquatic animals. The mission of the Georgia Aquarium is to be an entertaining, educational and scientific institution featuring exhibits and programs of the highest standards, offering engaging and exciting guest experiences and promoting the conservation of aquatic biodiversity throughout the world. For additional information, visit
Petting the Sting cool is that? These guys are used to attention, so they were coming right up to us begging for a little affection. Precious!

Starfish! Just like on Nemo!

Here we are at the Cold Water Quest.

Here is Randy, explaining to Bailey how Sponge Bob catches the Jellyfish, and enjoys Krabby Patties with Jellyfish Jelly on them.... I know, we are silly, but Bailey had the best time there!

Planet Shark: Predator or Prey is a stand-alone exhibition inside the Aquarium. The interactive and engaging exhibition explores some of the unique relationships humans have forged with one of the world’s most feared predators-the shark.

We did not make it to the exhibit, Bloggers were warned that it might be a bit too graphic for young children, all those shark teeth I guess, but here are some pics for your perusal...

Pretty cool....but not something the munchkin boy would have enjoyed.

And, if you would like to go see for yourself...Here is a coupon!

Thank you to Grande Exhibitions and Georgia Aquarium for the complimentary tickets to the aquarium and the Planet Shark exhibit.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cool stuff in Bloggyland

There is always something going on in the Blog-world. Sometimes its funny, sometimes it makes you thoughtful, and sometimes, its something that could possible save you some time.

I participate in Organizing Junkie's Mean Planning Monday...I try to do a meal plan that lasts about two weeks and I hit the grocery store with list in hand. I also try to add a new recipe in every week or two, just because I get tired of eating the same thing, over and over and over and get my drift.

Today I came across The Red Chair Blog.

And this SO Amazing post she did to help with Meal Planning. Meal Planning Magnets.

She has a tutorial that makes it look super easy, and I cant wait to try it out! (Although I dont have any of the junk magnets she used, I will have to hit the local craft store to see what I can use to improvise.)
DH is actually pretty good at taking stuff out of the freezer to defrost if he knows what dinner is planned. It makes life so much easier for us both!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meal Planning Monday Feb 15th

If you would like more inspiration for your menu, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie!
I just plan for dinner, since DH and I both work, we eat whatever on the weekend for breakfast and lunch.
Monday-- Sw & Sr Pork, rice
Tuesday--Pot Roast, potato/carrots
Wednesday--Beef & Broccoli, Rice
Thursday--potato soup
Friday-- Date night! DINNER OUT!
Saturday-- Dinner out with Friends!
Sunday--Sloppy Joes, Oven Fries

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Friends

I read an article from Parenting Magazine, 6 Friends Every Mom Needs and it amazes me that I have these friends, and I maintain these friendships. They are so important to me for so many different reasons.

The Mom in the Same Boat

Why you need her: "She gets it." I have a friend whom I have known since highschool and she delivered her little boy two weeks after I delivered my son. We were preggos together and have grown as Mom's together. We dont agree on everything (by NO means!) But I love to bounce ideas and thoughts off her.

The No-Kids Pal

Why you need her: "For adult conversation" I have two of these. One a friend from college, another a friend since highschool. Both mean the world to me. I can talk all things Mommy, Woman, Work, and Sex with them. They may not get it...but they love me regardless. And they always have feedback :)

The Been-There, Done-That Mom

Why you need her: "She gets you through your "I don't know what I'm supposed to do next" moments." This is my mom...I have a few casual friends I can ask questions of, but my Mom is my greatest resource.

The I'll-Do-Anything-For-You Buddy

Why you need her: These are my same Non Mom Buds. All it would take would be a phone call and help would arrive. Just like I did that one time, at 2am, when she called from a bar 30 min away, and I went from my nice warm bed to go "rescue" her :) Its what you do for your girlfriends. You go, no questions asked, other than "Are you OK?" And "What can I do to help?" No matter what time that phone rings. Because when I am the one making that call, I want the same consideration.

The Slightly Glam Girlfriend

Why you need her: "For inspiration (it is possible to be a fashionable mom), advice (how does she get out the door looking so great?), and a wardrobe you can borrow." My Mom in the same boat also fills this role. She motivates me to take my butt to the gym, and she critiques my fashion choices. But alas, I dont bother with makeup most days, because I am comfortable with my nekkid face. So while she cringes, I run around in just my moisturizer :)

The Brutally Honest Pal

Why you need her: You need her to tell you the truth, when no one else wants to. And she WILL. And it might sting, but you cant be mad at her for her honesty. She will tell me things I know, but want to avoid, she will remind me of past mistakes if need be. She has a memory like an elephant,and she has known me since the 9th grade, so there is no limit to her powers....But you know what? She expects the same from me. A lie would hurt her more than the truth ever would. And we have taken a "TIME OUT" because of this. I think it made us stronger, and helped us grow up a bit, to take different paths for a little while.

Maintaining friendships is hard work, just like any valuable relationship. It takes time and energy. But the rewards are numerous. We gals get together about every 4-6 wks and take a moment to just be US. We are not mom or sister or wife. We leave our roles at the door and we are just girlfriends. And we are loud and silly and we have the best time. And that time away from my many many roles, rejuvinates me, and I think it helps make me better as a whole. You have to water your whole garden to have a bountiful season...just like you have to nurture every part of your life at one time or another to be a better person.

Take a moment and evaluate your friendships, do you see your friends playing any of these roles? Impressive isnt it. Go read the article, and enjoy!

No Snow Day...

Update....Its snowing, but not sticking.
And the base closed down for the day. So DH didn't have to work.


So he and Bailey are going to have a boys day, while Mom slaves away at work. Boo!

My boss looked at me when I came in and asked why I was here. I told her the base was closed, she said she knew that, but still didnt actually expect me to come in...bummer.

Oh more vacation day saved for that big trip in April I am trying to talk him into (more on that to come).

Update....after my 8 hr grind at work, I came home and played in the snow with my boys....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

This is Alabama people...and we are scheduled to get 1-3 inches of snow tonight, and there is pandemonium in the streets! Ok, I am overexaggerating...a little.
Schools are closing in my city, so my daycare is closed, so its a mandatory Mental Health Day for me and the boy tomorrow. I wonder if we can accomplish anything noteworthy.

I think we may rearrange furniture in the living room because it drives DH crazy...hehe. Plus the only way I arranged it the current way was because I wanted the Christmas Tree in the front window (and it looked SO pretty there...see??)

Then of course, we can vaccuum and shampoo the carpets, Bailey LOVES to help with that. And I may be a rotten mom and sit him in front of the TV for about 30m or so, just to clean the bathrooms without assistance. (And really...he doesnt need to be around the chemicals)

Then, we should go out for lunch! I have restaurant gift certificates that are burning a hole in my wallet, so I may call a friend and see if she will join us.

Then its NAPTIME!!! I LOVE naptime. Its the best part of the day!

And after nap, we can goof off until DH gets home.
Sounds like a plan people. A little work, a little play, and a NAP! Ah...the makings of a lovely Mental Health/Snow Day.

What do you do on your unexpected day at home?