Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cool stuff in Bloggyland

There is always something going on in the Blog-world. Sometimes its funny, sometimes it makes you thoughtful, and sometimes, its something that could possible save you some time.

I participate in Organizing Junkie's Mean Planning Monday...I try to do a meal plan that lasts about two weeks and I hit the grocery store with list in hand. I also try to add a new recipe in every week or two, just because I get tired of eating the same thing, over and over and over and get my drift.

Today I came across The Red Chair Blog.

And this SO Amazing post she did to help with Meal Planning. Meal Planning Magnets.

She has a tutorial that makes it look super easy, and I cant wait to try it out! (Although I dont have any of the junk magnets she used, I will have to hit the local craft store to see what I can use to improvise.)
DH is actually pretty good at taking stuff out of the freezer to defrost if he knows what dinner is planned. It makes life so much easier for us both!

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LMJ said...

That looks pretty cool! I'd like to try it as well!