Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am dressing the place up

I read most of my blogs in Google Reader. I love that I can organize them by my own little categories, for example: Crafty, Mommy Blogs, Funny. So when I want to see some humor...straight to the Funny folder to see my LOL Cats for some giggles.

So I usually do not see the hard work that people have done to dress up their space. (Sorry!) But when I do see something that I MUST comment upon, I go and I see lovely, colorful sites, and buttons.

Buttons! Everyone who is anyone in Bloggyland has a Button.
Well...I wanted a button. But where do they come from? Do I have to buy a button? I came across a tutorial  from Shannon that instructed you in the ways of  Making your own Button. So I tried it...So user friendly! And I made my very own button! And a box with the code in it! Too cool. So if you want your very own button, I suggest you head over to and follow her excellant directions!

Click here to try it!     Make your own Button

Now I am going to figure out a banner...and whatever fun stuff I can add without making the place look trashy. :)


ShannanB said...

Yay! Congrats on making your button and thanks for sharing a link to my post with your readers!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Kristin, can you put the link in here. I'd love to see it, but clicked over & didn't find it on the front page! Thanks1

Dee said...

OMGosh!!!! I wanted a button too! TY so much for posting that link.

Rachel said...

Cute! Isn't it fun to start learning how to make things like buttons? It always excites me to learn new things like that. Congrats!