Monday, March 1, 2010

The First Kiss

Your first kiss.

So a very funny blog that I read is Adventures of WannaBe SupahMommy. She is opinionated, and mouthy, and she cracks me up! She also does a bunch of MEme...just fun silly things, that give you a pick up during a crazy day.

Well, it's that time again! All About MEme time ! This time Supah and MommyBrain want to dig into your past and unlock that super secret diary post you wrote about in 8th grade.

Wait? Yours wasn't in 8th grade? SECOND GRADE? Fer shame ! You can march yourself RIGHT to confession missy!

So here it is... a story about my FIRST KISS...

Picture it, a sunny day in the hot, humid, Alabama Summer. No school, no shoes, no place to be.

I was 12...that summer between the 6th and 7th grade. And I was "going together" (because that means what exactly? And do kids still do that?) with a boy named Jeremiah. (Insert funny bullfrog song here)
He lived about a mile from my neighborhood, but he had a bike, and every couple of days or so, he would come visit my neighborhood. (because my BFF had a swimming pool, and yes, there was always a parent present- this is a G rated post people)
So one day, after we had been going together for like two whole weeks...(because when you are 12, that is a lifetime people) he was on his way home. My BFF and I walked him to the gate, and she kind of wandered off, and we were talking...
And he leaned over the gate and kissed me. Right on the lips! Just a little smooch. It was magical!
For about 2 seconds.
Then he ruined it. He grabbed the sides of my face and stuck his tounge in my mouth.
Because to a 12 year old girl, this is just the grossest thing that you could do. Where was the kiss like they do in the moview? The passionate embrace? Tom Cruise NEVER put spit in someones mouth...did he?
It didn't scar me for life...but it was a LONG, LONG time before I got another smooch.
I should probably tell this story to my mother, she may want to thank him  :)
I hope you enjoyed. Now spill...Tell Supah about your first kiss. Its gotta be better than mine.


jennifer said...

Ha! I guess that was shocking for you!

I was 15 years old and I think my best friend put the guy up to it. She seemed concerned that I had never been kissed and it was at her house that the boy kissed me. My one regret is that it wasn't someone special.

Thanks for the address. I'm on your followers list so I will be able to find you now.

VandyJ said...

My first kiss was nothing memorable, but the first kiss with my hubby--that one I remember.

Mommy Lisa said...

That gave me a good laugh! Sometimes tongues are still depends.


LMJ said...

my first kiss was not that cool. i didn't like and not worth telling. now, the first time i got frenched, that's worth mentioning! lol
sory about my typing--holding the baby