Thursday, March 11, 2010


So there comes a time in every boy's life, when he must learn that necessary task to becoming a man.
He must learn how to shave.
At least he must shave in my house...because prickly faces do not get scruffy faced husband will vouch for this.

Bailey got a Spongebob shaving kit for we let him try it out. I supervised, Dad took pictures and gave a hilarious commentary...too bad I didn't vlog this. Oh Well...

Make sure you have enough, and that the lather is perfect

Application is key....get it everywhere!
Mom lends a hand...since there are no mirrors in the tub.
Feel the difference...smooth baby skin left!
A little do it yourself action...
What can I say? The kid cracks me up!

Just remember, no one likes smooching a scruffy face.


jennifer said...

MUCH better to use the Sponge Bob razor than Dad's razor.

He's so cute!

Lluvia said...


Marie said...

Tooo tooo cute!

Rachel said...

That's awesome. Love it!