Monday, March 8, 2010

Planning the boy's birthday party

So on April 18th, my son will turn 3. It is crazy. I cannot believe that much time has passed since I heard that gurgle and then Randy was telling me that he was here. B was a planned c-sec, so we got to pick his birthday, and our family was at the hospital at the appointed time awaiting his arrival.

I do love to plan!

For Birthday #1 we invited a small group of family and friends to the Zoo. We braved the cold (because AL weather is like that. Contrary. Any other time it wouldhave been 70*, for his party, it was like 60*) and we had cake and rode the train, and set everyone loose so they could enjoy the zoo at their own pace.

For Birthday #2, we did the zoo again. Same small group plus a few co-workers and their kids. We added pizza to the mix, and we set up camp at the new park that the zoo had just built. A great time was had by all.

This year, we decided we could not do the zoo again...we just can't.

So after much research and deliberation, we have decided on a bowling party. The lanes here in town are a little pricey, but since DH is active duty military, we have the option of having his party on base. We will only need an accurate head count to present to Security Forces so they know who will be coming on base.

YAY! I am pretty excited. We have taken B to bowl a few times to get him used to the idea and he mostly loves it. He is not so keen on the taking of turns. This is something that we need to work on anyway, so it will be fine. And if the birthday boy has to sit in a time out at his own party, then so be it.

Since we are in the 30 days and counting stage, I get to order the invitations, arrange the cake, and buy the decorations and plates. We decided to go with a Sponge Bob theme, since the yellow guy is his favorite person on TV at the moment.

I am certain we will have a great time, and there will be pictures of preggos bowling that will make you howl with laughter. I am currently the same size as a bowling ball...its so funny.


Lluvia said...

aawww...! Bowling parties are sooo much fun!!!!

jennifer said...

Sounds like a great party!

My birthday is the 17th of April.