Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So...today was the long awaited 4D Ultrasound....you know, the way cool one where you can see the actual features of the child...rather than the black & white blur that makes them look like little aliens.
All day I had an active little boy in my belly. He kicked, punched, rolled around. Then...at 3pm...after I had a "talk" with him in the car....He decided to take a nap.
Yes...but not just any nap. My child has decided that he is going to show who is in charge while in utero. That little stinker put his face against my spine and refused to show us anything but his rump.
So the pic of the day....his big feet. You know this is my child for sure because my baby has some big ol' feet! LOL
We get a "do-over" to try to see if my wayward child will behave himself and pose for the camera. I will let you know how that goes....
But never let it be said that my child is not a determined, stubborn, little stinker...I guess he takes after his momma.

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