Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its time to GO!

I know its New Years, a time of resolutions, and plans, and promises...
Did you overhear the conversation that I just had with both my sister & my mother?
Its time to clean house! I am only focusing on one room, but its a DOOZY!
My master bedroom is getting cleared out tomorrow.
If it doesnt fit (and since I am 16wks pregnant thats alot) its gone.
If I havent used it since we moved into the house 15 months ago, its gone.
If my clothes-horse husband hasn't worn it since we moved in, its gone.
And I have to move the crib in so my almost 3 yr old can have a bedroom all to himself.
I am just tired of all the stuff.
I may make a move towards the guest room later this weekend...we will see.
Good luck on your ventures this New Years.
I hope 2010 brings the best for you and yours!

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