Thursday, August 16, 2007

Are you KIDDING me???

So I am a little ticked.
I was called into my bosses office this morning because there is someone in my office who is "offended" that I pump my breastmilk at work. They also dont like the fact that I store my milk in the office fridge.
Good boss completely backs me up. I am not in trouble or anything like that. He just wanted to let me know that this had happened.
I guess the bad news is that I got my feelings hurt over all this. Who is this person?? What the HECK??
First off, its not like I make a scene about what I am doing. I have a little bag that I put in the fridge & I add bottles to it throughout the day. I go into an office that is not being used, close and lock the door, and then come out about 10-12 minutes later and that is that. It is not a production.
Today I felt like running thru the office sreaming "I am going to milk the udders" I restrained myself....barely.
I of course sent an email to those I knew would understand my plight...and they came thru with all kinds of positive comments. I needed that today. This mystery person (or should I say coward, since they didnt have the balls to face me themself) tried to steal my joy. I think that pisses me off more than anything. They couldnt find fault with my work, so they picked on this thing that is so precious to me.
So that was my day. I am still a little steamed, but this too will pass. It may pass a little more quickly after I make a trip to HR to express my displeasure and rock the boat a little.

My best to you all.

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