Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Arrival

I have been absent...here is my excuse.

We delivered William Michael by scheduled c-section on Tuesday, June 8th at 0700. He weighed in at a lovely 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and stretched  20.25 inches.

My parents were kind enough to keep Bailey the night before and take him to daycare that morning. Then they joined Randy's parents in the waiting room.

My procedure went well. We were surrounded by my fantastic Dr and some really great nurses, they helped me feel comfortable for the duration. I remember at some point of the surgery thinking, wow, this nurse standing behind me stroking mt hair is really going above and beyond...it was so soothing at the time. Turns out, that was my wonderful husband. I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again, he is my rock. He comforts me, sometimes even when I am not aware that I need it.

Everything moved pretty quick after William was born, and before I knew it, he and Randy were off to the nursery, and they finished sewing me up and took me to recovery. The hospital has a new way of doing things, so Randy and William rejoined me in the recovery room for what they call "Bonding Time" I guess some study shows that its better for baby to spend 30-60 minutes with Mom skin to skin before rushing off to be bathed, medicated, have blood drawn and whatever else they do. It lowers the stress level of the baby...really? They had to do a study for that?

So there is a reason for that freaked out expression. This is Bailey meeting William for the first time & he just grabbed him to plant a big kiss on his new little brother. Bailey is so affectionate with William, he is forever giving him hugs and kisses.
Look at those fat rolls!


Rachel said...

Congrats!! He's quite handsome!!!!

jennifer said...

Congratulations! What precious photos.