Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maternity Photos

I had an opportunity to have some maternity photos taken by the very talented Jeanette Monplaisir of JM Photography. She is just starting out in the world of photography and let me tell you, this young lady has some seious talent.

We went to have belly shots taken when I as 36 weeks pregnant with Bailey and we were disappointed. We went to Portrait Innovations and out of the 60 shots that were taken there were only 6 or so that we liked. My husband is not a big fan of having his picture taken needless to say, none were purchased and we did not return to have more pictures taken.

This time I didn't tell my husband. These are going to be a suprise present for Father's Day. So I kept Bailey out of daycare for a morning and we met Jeanette at  Blount Cultural Park right there at the Alabama Shakesphere Festival. My friend Shannon and her mom came by to help out with Bailey so we could do pictures of just me and pictures of the two of us.  (Thank you Shannon & Mrs Susan! This would not have been possible without your help!)
We started out by the pond, chasing geese.

Then headed over to the stone wall...

I really loved the way she edited these, some have that great shadowy quality and then to have them in black and white is such a great contrast.

 After the wall, we headed over to ASF to the gardens, but they were closed, so we took advantage of this great area, there was lots of greenery and some shade!

Look at that big belly! I am telling you, there is a 10 pound baby in there!

I saw a similar shot like this on someone's blog a while back, and I mentioned it to Jeanette and she was happy to help me create something similar.
 More shots of the big belly  :0) I did manage to fit my wedding rings on for these pictures, and it only took a small miracle to get them off. Swollen fingers are the greatest!

See those flushed cheeks! That sweet boy was playing hard!

So overall I am THRILLED with the way these pictures turned out. Jeanette did an amazing job. I will have to call her and sweet talk her into doing some newborn pictures of William once he arrives. Hiring a photographer to do family pictures like this is always a challenge. I really think that it is important to have that perfect blend of skill and chemistry, and Jeanette has this lovely personality, and she was SO very patient with Bailey, who is a bundle of energy.

And in the meantime...don't tell my husband these pictures are on the'll ruin the suprise!


*LLUVIA* said...

aawww...these are all very lovely! I have yet to find someone to do a family portrait for us!

bliss341979 said...

I love the pics,I wish I would have done prego pics with all my chidren..I hope the new baby brings you more happiness..All my kids have proven time and time again,that God has truely blessed me....

Amanda said...

These are amazing Kristen!!! Jeanette did a wonderful job but then again, she had beautiful subjects to work with!!

Rachel said...

Those are awesome! I'm totally impressed. He's going to love them, I'm sure!

Sherye said...

awww Kristen, I love the pictures, very very cute. She did a wonderful job--and as a amateur photographer myself, it's a lot of pressure to get good shots for such an important time in someone's life! I think that is an awesome father's day present. I know you are so excited with your new bundle of joy about to make his appearance next week :) You are a natrual and this new baby will just be the biggest blessing for your precious family. Congrats!! And thanks for sharing the pics!

jennifer said...

Those are beautiful! You looks great.

There are only a couple of snapshots of me pregnant with any of my three kids. One of them I am at a buffet, I kid you not. That's exactly where I wanted my picture taken, you know?

Good call having formal pregnancy pictures taken.

Momma Teri said...

Saying HEY from Friday Follow.
Of course we follow you through GFF, please make sure to stop in and do the same for us :)

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