Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Long Time Coming...

There are moments as parents that it all makes sense. That all the craziness, stress, and worry just melt away, and you are blindsided with pure joy.
That happened to me last night at dinner.
My sweet 3 year old is speech delayed. It's not something we advertise, but its noticeable. We are currently in therapy for it and he has been making amazing progress. We work on all kinds of things at home, eye contact, structured play, and words. We read like its going out of style, we say silly phrases over and over, and the only TV he is allowed to watch on weeknights has to be something that will enrich his mind. We allow silly stuff on the weekend, because everyone needs a break.
But last night at dinner, he said the most amazing thing, the thing I have been waiting to hear in his precious little boy voice since the day that he was born.
"I Love Momma."
I wept. I had to leave the dinner table so he didn't think that he had done anything wrong. I was so overcome with joy that I was almost sobbing. Some parents take those little words for granted, they hear them everyday and have for years. But this was the first time that my son was able to articulate that feeling. I know he loves me, we are big on hugs and kisses at my house. In the bathtub the "momma" duck will give kisses to the "baby" duck. There is no question that he feels the love that we have for him daily.

And now, there is no question in my mind, that that love is reciprocated.
I love momma is the sweetest phrase in the world.


Anna said...

That is awesome Kristen! As a former Speech I can totally relate! It is such an amazing thing! So proud for you!

Rachel said...

That's precious!!! Moments like that make all the hard moments totally worth it.

jennifer said...

What a beautiful moment! Thank you so much Kristen for sharing this. I take so much for granted. I am a more thankful Momma for having read your post. I enjoyed this post that was so emotional and full of love.