Friday, January 22, 2010

If it doesn't belong to you, leave it alone

Didn't your momma teach you when you were growing up that if something wasn't yours, you shouldn’t touch it? My momma did. If we were in a store, there was a "hands off" policy. If we were visiting out of town family, we waited to be asked before diving into someone else's toy box. It was the rule.

Well, Wednesday evening, my sister called to tell me that someone had broken into their house while they were at work. Ouch! I hate that for them. My sister and BIL have worked HARD for what they have. They just bought that house last spring, they are expecting my perfect niece this April, and everything is going well for them. It’s not fair that some lowlife tried to diminish the value of what they have. I am thankful that there was minimal damage to their home, and that not a lot was stolen. What was taken was mostly electronic and can easily be replaced. I just hate that someone violated their space.

Several years ago, someone broke into my car. It was parked in my driveway at the time and I had left my purse in the front floorboard. (I know...NOT SMART) I left the house to head to church & I turned around and went inside and called the police instead. I was more ticked that the thief had taken my FAVORITE Kenneth Cole wallet, and broken my window than anything else. They left my jacket, my cd's, you could almost feel bad for them because I carry no cash (never have, I lose it), and there was nothing of value to anyone other than me in my purse. I was one of those anal people who keep a list of credit cards and phone numbers in my bill box, and I had called them all and cancelled them all by the time the police arrived 20m later. So it was more annoying for me, than anything else, an inconvenience.

So…the moral of the story, if it’s not yours, let it be. I wish that the creep(s) who broke into their home (and my car!) had been paying attention when their momma was teaching them that lesson!

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Rachel said...

That's awful!! I've had a couple of things stolen before too, and it totally stinks!!