Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are you Crazy like me?

I like to plan. OK, let me clarify, I LOVE to plan.
I love to do the research, pick things out, organize, and then see it all come to fruition.
This goes for trips, parties, dinners, meetings, you name it.
I really, really love to put it all in an itinerary in Excel so I can move things around as needed.

I kid you not.
My friend Miranda & I went to Vegas....spreadsheet! I even plotted our daily nap and time for beautification before we went out for the evening. Miranda and I went to NYC with Valerie and Ashley, spreadsheet! (and Val LOVED it, she IS crazy like me)

So when I ask my husband what we are thinking of doing for our son's birthday party in April, he just looks at me and says, "Do you realize that its January?"
Of course I do.
Does he realize that I am pregnant and I want to get as much of this done before I am too uncomfortable to think? Does he know that there are multiple baby showers that I will have to attend (YAY!) and Spring Break to plan, and more birthday parties, and my sister is having a baby, and yep, I AM HAVING A BABY, and consignment sales that will all need attention in the upcoming months?
He thinks I am crazy. I think I am just trying to organize the upcoming chaos.

So, for a 3 yr old boy's party, do we do the Zoo again? We love the zoo. Its got things for adults and kids of all ages, but we have done the Zoo for the last two years. I thought about the park, but I hate to have to interact with other children who may not be well supervised, or as kind to my child as I would like. Randy suggested one of those bounce house thingies. But we do not have room in our yard for one, and the parks that allow them are not in the most desirable of locations.

The next question is theme...

Right now B is all about some Lightning McQueen, Sponge bob, and anything Dinosaur. But how do you pick? Decorations are pretty easy for all of them. We buy some licensed stuff and supplement with sold colors to round everything out without breaking the bank. And we will prob use cupcakes again this year, just because they were so much easier than cake!

My goal is to have all this decided and ordered and planned within the next month.

I'll keep you updated.

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Rachel said...

Spreadsheets are my BEST FRIEND. Always nice to know I'm not the only one!